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[Welcome] New Members for February 1, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Edgar A Rinehart
Laramie, WY. USA

I am a retired physics professor who has done a very little work
with silver and turquoise. I plan to do more and am in a learning

Jo Tiemann
St. Louis, MO. USA

Hello everyone, I am a retired teacher who had taken a jewelry class
in collage. I’ve always been fascinated with the ornaments we wear.
You can either take the more flavors than vanilla or “there’s no
accounting for taste, the Irishman said when he kissed the pig”
(being a real Heinz 57 myself, I can take some latitude with ethnic
humor)attitude when looking at the way people show themselves off. I
love to look at the back side of a piece and see how it is put
together. I think you can almost always learn something from other
people’s work. I began working with metal again about 10 years ago
off and on. Recently I started a metal techniques at a community
college to brush up my skills.

Geseell Grant
Avila Sterling
Richmond, CA. USA

Hello My name is Geseell and I’m so happy to have found this site.
It’s really nice to have all these articles, comments and valuable
about jewelry. I started my jewelry business aprox. 5
years ago and I found it fascinating, I didn’t know anything about
it, specially about Mexican silver jewelry, that’s what my business
is about. I was so mad at myself when I learned about the golden era
of silver jewelry in Mexico, because I am Mexican and I didn’t
know… Shame shame… anyway, I’m really proud of my culture, I’ve
always been and now that my business is up and running, I want to
know more about it, not only Mexican jewelry but jewelry in general
and I think this site and blog has it all!!! Thank you very much
for the people that makes this possible.