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[Welcome] New Members for December 8, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

John Vincent
Alhambra, CA. USA


Douglas G Mooney
Building Empires Inc.
Chicago, Illinois. USA

Metalsmithing has always intrigued me, as a young I dreamed of
attending the Cleveland Institute of Art, but the financial
realities of life put me on a course 30+ years of personally very
rewarding work as a small business owner/finish carpenter. Nothing
is more rewarding to me than completeing a project that pleases not
only pleases me, but all those who view it. The time has come for me
to pursue my Metalsmithing dream and I thirst for the knowledge to
inprove old and gain new skills.

Deborah Kelfer
Pacific palisades, CA. USA

California jewelry design and fabrication

Annie Bashore
Mesa, AZ. USA

My husband and I own a Security Safe business in Mesa, AZ. We are
always looking out for our customers to secure their valuables.

Robin Ann Mehrwald-Weese
Culver City, CA. USA

Novice-always looking to learn more-I am like a sponge!

Janice Lynn Butler
San Francisco, CA. USA

I am a begining jeweler with many questions. I am anxious to search
the archives.

Robert Michael Printz
New Hyde Park, New York. USA

I have produced many pieces of jewelry in past years and some of my
work has earned awards through the Long Island Craftsman’s Guild.
There has been, however, the passage of some years in which I have
not produced any work and I am about to continue again. I have a
rather complete shop, and can’t wait to get started again. My work
is very contemporary and clean lined and I have worked in all the
metals as I enjoy the colors of the various metals. I feel the need
to learn several techniques with which I have been involved.
Hingeing is one and clasps is another. My work is very dimensional
involving various levels of metal within the context of any one

Ernest Rich
Natick, MA. USA

I am a begining designer. I have been doing wire knotting for about
five years and have recently started to sell some designs to local
boutiques.I am also taking metal working and jewejery courses to
increase my knowledge and be able to do other things.