[Welcome] New Members for December 7, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Carol Collett
Antioch, TN. USA

I’m an avid beader, beginning chain mailler and very interested in
learning more about metal clay and working with

Kathy Brandon
Gabriola, BC. Canada


I developed WorkingSilver.com out of my love for silvesmithing
jewellery. I started hand fabricating/forging jewellery about 5
years ago, and never tire of the creative process. My jewellery
(Akasha jewellery designs) is on my workingsilver.com site, but
primarily the site caters to other metalsmiths with tools, metals,
stones, and supplies in support of their jewellery artistry. I am
happy to offer FREE tutorials on my site. I continue to learn new
techniques and work on improving methods already learned. I’m
excited about connecting to a network of jewellery artists in a
cooperative spirit of sharing Best, Kathy

Wendy Boulter
Hereford, UK

Enthusiastic amateur. Anxious to learn from others more experienced.

Norma Tumlin
Gravette, Ar. USA,

I have loved jewelry since I was born. I was given 7 different
pieces of jewelry which were made by my grandfather on the day I was
born, and I still have 6 of the pieces. The necklace had broke,
which is the missing piece. My grandfather was a jeweler to the
norwegian monarchy which is a real interesting fact. I think that if
he had lived longer I would have probably applied to be one of his
apprentices. I do make jewelry for gifts to friends and family now,
and have been told I do a good job. I have been looking for some
help with any knowledge to improve my jewelery making which is why I
wanted to join this group. I probably will not write anything for
awhile as I am still uncertain how to address all of my questions. I
hope no one minds me lurking untill I am able to feel comfortable
asking my questions. Thank You for your help.

Marjorie Dawson
Lower Hutt, New Zealand

I am an aspiring jewelery and metalsmith here to learn, to read and,
hopefully, be inspired by the Forum!