[Welcome] New Members for December 6, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Leah Holmes
Cranston, USA

I am returning to jewelry making after many years. I love the process
and the product. I am either an advanced novice or intermediate in my
skill level. I am working in silver until my skill level improves. I
gravitate to matte pieces with burnished edges. I like the contrast.
It is simple, but ele gant. I am particularly interested in learning
anticlastic technique. If anyone can suggest a good book on the
subject, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Leah

Lori Yarrow
Copper Creations
Hinesburg, Vermont. USA

Hi, I’ve been making jewelry for about 10 years, mainly self-taught
but I still consider myself a novice. For the last three years, I
have been working mainly with copper and brass and just recently
starting selling at local craft shows. People seem really interested
in copper jewelry, appreciate its uniqueness, but still fear that
their skin will turn green.

I learn something new every day I work on my jewelry and am eager to
explore techniques such as fold-forming and using my brand new
rolling mill to create interesting textures. Thanks for letting me
join this forum.