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[Welcome] New Members for December 4, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

James Overman
Derry, NH. USA

My wife, Angela, and I own the Happy Hippy Boutique in Derry NH. We
offer a wide variety of jewelry, semiprecious gems and minerals both
in the rough and polished form, clothing, bags, hats, flo toys and
smoking accessories. We have started to make wire wrapped stones on
hand tied necklaces. I found this site while looking for ideas for
additional patterns of wire wrapping.

Roylyn Andrews
Pennsylvania. USA

I’m a new student to Jewelry making. I do not have any tools yet,
nor do I own any stock of supplies. I will start purchasing my tools
& hopefully some stock come early 2015. I am very excited about
working with my hands with precious metals, and creating pieces that
I’ve made and show everyone in my family what I can do.

Hema Malani
Delhi, India

My association with the gems and jewellery industry is nearly a
decade old, for nearly two years as a student and then working in
different sectors of the industry e? retail, education and

One of my greatest strengths is in exploring the finer nuances of
design and the manufacturing processes while working as an
independent designer. I get jewellery manufactured from carefully
chosen gemstones creating original jewels meant to transcend time.
This reflects distinctly in my award winning jewels as well. Working
as a faculty at Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery (formerly
Jewellery Product Development Centre), New Delhi, I have lived up to
the challenge of imparting knowledge that makes the students aware
of design trends and technological developments of the industry. For
this I not only drew upon my previous knowledge but also kept
abreast of the latest international design trends and the
innovations making inroads in the gems and jewellery industry.

I got an opportunity to take my designs to yet another hitherto
unexplored platform with the international brand Swarovski for whom
I gave a number of model designs in the DIY category. I have also
undertaken some minor design projects other than jewellery for
international clients.

Learning has been essential for me as a part of knowledge transfer
and in that I was privileged to get the GIA Endowment Scholarship
for the Resident Graduate Gemologist and Accredited Jewelry
Professional programs.

Design based on trend analysis & forecast.
Buying of coloured gemstones & diamonds.
Product development through the different stages of manufacturing.

Alyssa Meiszinger
Sacramento, CA. USA

Hello! I am a 4th generation rockhound and jewelry maker that has a
deep calling for metalworking and all things art and jewelry.

I have a trillion and one questions and a yen to learn evething that
I can whilst having much joy at getting to finally do some of the
things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. My father passed away last
year and this is amazingly therapeutic, healing, and meditative for
me, and has helped me heal a lot faster than I think I would have

Looking to learn, be exposed to new mediums, have a lot of fun and
make new friends while making some cool stuff! :slight_smile:

Cathy Abbie Cardwell
Kingston, TN. USA

I am a silversmith and enjoy getting tips from other jewelers and
reading Ganoksin daily.