[Welcome] New Members for December 4, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Greg Spinos
3D Model Club
Hong Kong,


3D Model Club is a young dynamic company of sculptors, designers and
CAD/CAM professionals based out of Hong Kong. Together we pack many
years of experience and have particular strengths and experience
with jewellery design and manufacturing.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of companies and individuals
in different industries worldwide to convert their 3D designs into
full 3D Models. We work to strict quality controls and we are not
satisfied until you are.

For the most part the outstanding pieces you see on our website are
hand crafted and then using 3D Laser Scanners we digitize them into
3D models. We use ArtCAM Jewelsmith for most of our post processing
work, and normally we deliver STL files or ArtCAM rlf files, but
other file formats are availa ble on request.

In addition to 3D Cad models, 3D Model Club also undertakes contract
work for jewellery production.

Looking forward to hear from you.
Greg Spinos.

Karen Watson
Mound, Minnesota. USA

I started beading and then got into working with wire and PMC. I
like to use different mediums to put jewlery together. Whenever I
see new techniques I like to try them if I have the equipment and
challenging myself to come up with different designs.

Mark Bellamy
Virginia beach, Virginia. USA

Retired United States army, M.FA. No jewelry experience what so ever.
That’s why I came here. I wish to learn. Some metalworking experience
though. Want to learn to make molds and cast pendants, figurines and
other things in silver, gold resin clay etc. have 11 children, all
girls. Life is h ell!!! YOU TRY RAISING 11 GIRLS!!! Dads, make
sure you buy a razor type they don’t like!