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[Welcome] New Members for December 31, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Helle Abrahamsen
Slagelse, Denmark

I am an young(ish) danish woman, who has been interested in
gemstones and jewelrymaking of any kind for the last 15 years or

I started out making quite simple earrings. Then I bought a tiny
blue diamond (colour treated) on the internet, and the I was lost. I
had to have more and has now got a quite nice collection.
I have even signed up for gemmology classes, on order to become a

Alongside my daily work as a secretary, I have opened a small
business, where I re-design gold and silver jewelry, and I sell some
of my own designs as well as buying and selling vintage jewelry.

I’ve started my business about a year ago, and I hope that in a few
years time I’ll be able to make it my fulltime profession.

Arulkumar N N
Hosur, Tamil Nadu. India

Hi, I am Arulkumar N, I am working in a Investment casting process.
I am responsible for the quality & process improvement. Eagerly
working towards to a worlds class investment Casting process. I am
working to make a bench mark in casting process & alloy (Karat)
making process.

Susan Eisen
El Paso, Texas. USA

Jewelry designer and artist for 34 years, passionate about jewelry
and gems and eternal student