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[Welcome] New Members for December 30, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Terry Ingram
Sacramento, USA

I am new to jewelry making. I began by making a bead bracelet in the
Spring of 2015 at the prompting of my daughter. I was dissatisfied
with the simplistic look of finished piece. I quickly discovered
chainmail jewelry. I made all my Christmas presents for 2015 using
beads and chainmail in various designs. I am learning wire wrapping
and weaving now to expand my creative capacity.

I am a retired accountant, wife, mother and grandmother, with time
to spend learning and exploring the possibilities for me in this
craft. My entire family are excited for me and are suitably
impressed with the beautiful pieces I have thus far created. My hand
strength, and my fear of using a torch are limiting factors that I am
overcoming. I look forward to learning from experienced

Nicole Prince
Springfield, Oregon. USA

Looking to begin my jewelry career with formal training. Trying to
muddle my way through all this to find a good launching off point.

Contact me if you’re in Oregon and have any advice! I’d love to chat
and hear what you have to say to a complete newbie.

McKenna Howard
Midwest City, Oklahoma. USA

I first began working with metal while pursing my Fine Arts Degree
in Design in college. After graduating, rather than taking the
traditional job route, I decided to continue with my passion;
working with metals! I currently am working to build my own small
jewelry business, Wishful.

Dale E Repp
Lone Tree, IA. USA

retired silversmith