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[Welcome] New Members for December 3, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Daniel Saltsburg
Ingot USA Inc.
Richmond, CA. USA

precious metalsmith, design consultant, full service manufacurer
including CAD file creation-printout-casting

PollyAnna Randol
Cary, NC. USA

I’m a retired Federal civil service employee. Shortly before
retiring, I got interested in making jewelry and subsequent to
retiring, enrolled in several short jewelry classes (at New Approach,
and Rio Grande, e.g.). Unfortunately, not long after retirement, my
husband was diagnosed with ALS and I spent the last four years caring
for him. He recently passed away and I’ve just relocated from Oregon
to North Carolina and hope to begin exploring jewelry again. At this
stage/age in my life, I doubt I will ever become a professional but
the subject interests me greatly and I’m looking forward to taking
advantage of the wisdom in the forum.

Piper Foreso
Piper Glass
Easthampton, MA. USA

Worked with glass for 20 years then shifted to aluminum and steel.
Just started working with pmc. Pretty soon I’ll probably be using
all these materials together…Anyway, my Artist’s Statement is on
the wall of my studio. It’s written in crayon and says, ‘I Like to
Make Things’. That about says it all.

Do Lavin
Dana Point, CA. USA

Goldsmith for the last 25 years. Interested in learning new
techniques, about new tools and equipment.

Michael Roxbury
Umatilla, Oregon. USA

I am a Fire Chief and Paramedic trapped in an artists body, or so I
like to believe. I am an accomplished woodcarver and
metalworker/fabricator. I really want to become a mixed media
artisan specializing in silver/copper objects and gem faceting.

Beverly Schnell
Kennesaw, GA. USA

Beverly Schnell graduated from the School for American Crafts at
Rochester Institute of Technology in 1995 with a Bachelors of Fine
Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. Her work reflects the
sensual organic forms found in nature. She incorporates the use of
curves from the body and other natural elements to inspire her
passion for designing and creating jewelry. Color, shape and texture
combine to give a unique yet fashionable look.

Welcome Polly Anna Randol,

My deepest sympathies on the loss of your husband. Your experience
parallels mine. My dear husband was diagnosed with the kind of
Parkinson’s that had features of ALS, no tremors, but gradual and
eventually total loss of mobility. Like you, I spent 5 years caring
for this precious man. After he passed away, I could fill the
emptiness somewhat by concentrating on creating jewelry, and doing
enamel on copper large wall pieces…

You are off to an excellent start with the classes you took at Rio
and New Approach.

Again, welcome to Orchid. Alma