[Welcome] New Members for December 29, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Patricia Alander
Granby, USA

I enjoy making jewelry in my home studio, but I live in a remote
area and am looking forward to being a part of jewelry

Shira Entis
Brooklyn, New York. USA

I am currently a handbag designer but am looking to learn how to
make my own resin jewelry. I have had experience in sculpture and
lost wax jewelry casting (although it’s been years!). Basically I am
looking for a one on one tutorial/class that will help me with the
mold making and casting process.

Lee Fou
Lili F jewellery
Pretoria, South Africa

I’m finally doing what I love! Jewellery design. I’m mostly self
taught and I’m doing a part time jewellery course at a local
college. I work with resin mostly and LOVE it!

Ray Lessert Martin
Cave Junction, OR. USA

i have been in the music business for over 20 years and have learned
how to bead and have a clothing line also. i have spent years
promoting my name and making it in to a brand. now we have our
online store and it is just in the beginning stages.

Richard M Carew
Phoenix, AZ. USA


Greetings, I am a wire wrap jewelry artist who specializes in opals.
I have an online store but don’t do shows because I am disabled. I
also have a blog with on how opal is formed and why it
works the way it does. Some of the is ground breaking in
that it steps outside of the conventional wisdom about opal
formation. I think I’ll sing up for your blog too and see if I don’t
get more hits. It is always good to engage in discussion of topics of
mutual interest. Thank you, Ruchard Carew