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[Welcome] New Members for December 29, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Judy L Link
Farmersville, CA. USA

I do lapidary, a little wire-wrapping (mostly in copper). My mission
this year is to learn from as many lapidaries as I can find,
especially to master freeform shapes. I’d like to see if anyone has
suggestions on what to coat my copper wire-wraps so they don’t

Cliff Durlacher
East Brunswick, NJ. USA

I have spent most of my working life in sales positions supporting
the jewelry manufacturing industry. Now I sell platinum group metals
and alloys for gold.

Eileen Kenney
Bristol, RI. USA

I’m new to metal-smithing and have many questions. My most recent
facination is with etching and patinas and have found that I have
many quetions as I go along. I’m delighted there is a site where I
tap into others experience and hopefully will be able to share some
of my own down the line.

Carole Allen
Carole Allen Jewellery
Camborne, Cornwall. UK

Hi, My name is Carole and I make silver and enamel jewellery which I
sell at craft fairs, galleries and on-line. I’ve been working full
time at this for 3 years now and it keeps me very busy.

Babette K Cox
Digit Designs
Dallas, TX. USA

Hi Ya’ll:

I’ve been reading lots of Ganoksin articles for a few years now -
soaking up the wonderful-ness of you all… thank you very much for
your most excellent wisdom!

I’ve been asked to introduce myself. OK, I’ve been a paper arts demo
artist for 8+ years at Wholesale and Retail shows for several rubber
stamp, ink and paper companies. Then I moved on to polymer clay won
several awards at the State Fair of Texas and I like that a lot, but
I wanted more. So I’ve really grown to love fused glass and metal
clays. Am certified in both ACS as well as PMC metal clays. Someday
soon I will take some metalsmithing classes to get acquainted with
that medium. I’ve been published in about 35 magazines and in 3
books. I’m glad I’ve gotten that out so I won’t do the ‘brag’ thing
with you anymore.

I sell my work at craft fairs and have been approached by 2
galleries to place my work there, but haven’t done it yet. My other
business(s) are digitizing logos (i.e. embroidering logos on
Corporate America for my husband’s company) and I help people get a
stamp with their name on it to use as a Maker’s Mark to sign their
name on their polymer and metal clay art.

Right now I’m anxious to get my hands on the right kind of flex
shaft. I have been using my Dremel(s) a lot, but the flex shaft is
an easier way to go. Don’t know which one to buy… there are so
many brands with so many horsepower differences. So, I’m getting
educated before I leap.

Nice to meet you all!
Babette in Dallas Texas

Debbie Hilton
Raymond, USA

hobby - jewelery making

Barbara Jean Larsen
Tucker, GA. USA

I have been making jewelry since High School when I attended a Music
and Art Camp at the University of Kansas. I was introduced to Metal
there. Since then I majored in Crafts at the University of
Tennessee. I work in the Jewelry industry for years then became a
Social Worker. I have continued to take Metalsmithing class from
John Cogswell, Jean Stark, Harold O’Conner, etc when they come to
the South to teach. I have a studio in my home and do some custom
work. I am currently engaged in a project of making 12 brooches of
the Architypal Great Round Mandalas as a Independent study course
working toward a Mandala Certification. Using Art therapeutically.

Deborah Kim
Paramus, USA

A student in the world of jewelry making