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[Welcome] New Members for December 23, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Maria T Breeden
Gold Coast, Qld. Australia

I am a high school art teacher who serendipitously stumbled into a
one day jewelery making workshop. I was immediately mesmerized by
the processes and potential of working with silver. I am a keen
beginner who has become slightly obsessed and very distracted by
researching, designing and experiment ing with jewelery making.

Denise Woodson Ofria
Fiona d’Ecosse
Chandler, AZ. USA

I am a student of jewelry arts, and I have progressed to the point
where I can make artisanal pieces for family and for sale. I look
forward meeting and sharing with other jewelers.

Cary Brief
Raleigh, NC. USA

retired/disabled professional jewelry manufacturer. 15+ years exp
with CNC machining, lost wax and gravity casting in many metals.
wire forming, stone cutting, setting, soldering, granulation, etc.
had a jewelry line of 15k items, sold my company to Quality Gold Mfg
in 2004 - just getting back into doing some work (if my body will

Kathryn Harrison
Brighton, UK

I’ve only been making Jewellery since January 2011 but I really
enjoy it and spend a fair amount of my free time making things for
friends and family. I’m probably going to get an etsy shop together
in the future for the most successful of the family road tested
items but for now I’m still bumbling through basics. Kathryn