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[Welcome] New Members for December 20, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Rene Aguilar
Hialeah, Florida. USA

My passion is Metal Clay, which I discovered about two years ago. I
have been incorporating different techniques and materials to Metal
Clay; with constant technical advances it is a never ending learning
process. I’m an avid reader and participate in workshops at every
chance to acquire new techniques. This Spring will obtain Rio Grande
Certification. Most of my work is either one of a kind or very small
limited editions. Influences and inspirations derive from varied
sources; colorful patterns & attributed properties of Gems, ancient
cultures, nature, geometric motifs in general and artists I admire.

Cate Howell
Mind Expressions
Las Vegas, NV. USA

Hello! I look forward to discovering this forum and studying the

Kat Newman
Aylesbury, UK

I’ve been making jewellery ever since I was a little girl, but 5
years ago was given a Silversmithing starter kit as a present,
enrolled at college where I did 3 years and here I am! I enjoy a
variety of mediums but my favourites are beads and silver. I also do
many other crafts including bobbin lace, embroidery, glass painting,
knitting, tatting - I could go on but the list is quite long! Always
looking for new techniques and new things to learn.

Alexander Felix Wulff
Pretoria, Gauteng. South Africa

After 41 years of service in the field of Hydrology, I am retiring
at the end of the year. Having spent most of my working life in the
field, I had many opportunities to collect minerals and semi
precious stones in rivers and arid areas throughout the country. It
was a passing interest and only after I joined the Pretoria Mineral
and Gem Club 2 years ago did I seriously start collecting, cutting
and polishing. I now have a fully equipped lapidary/silversmithing
workshop at home and am looking forward to expanding my hobby into a
small business.

Georgina Ettridge
Southampton, Hampshire. UK

I am a designer / maker of sterling silver and gold jewellery. My
work is significantly inspired by nature.