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[Welcome] New Members for December 19, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

A G Simms Jr
Shrevepor, LA. USA

Relatively new to silversmithing and thoroughly enjoying it.
Recently took course at William Holland which was awesome and
totally hooked me on silversmithing. My wife has been working with
lapidary cutting and polishing rocks, but had no source for mounting
her cabs. Looking forward to learning more about this art. Retired
police officer and former manager of a funeral home, but now looking
to be active in working with silver and jewelry making.

Albert F Rohdich
Portrush, UK

Hey, im Al!

Im 22, and from Ireland. I am at uni studying Horology (Watch &
Clockmaking) in the School of Jewellery in Birmingham and i do some
part time work in a Jewellers workshop. My family own a small
Jewellery store in my hometown and i would love to be able to open
up a workshop there to do repairs and eventually create some pieces
of my own.

I found this website in Art Jewellery magazine and thought that it
would be a good way to meet other people with the smae interests as
me and learn new techniques! I would love to travel to the States
after uni and visit some workshops over there.

Peter S. Dawson
Victoria, BC. Canada

Good evening,

I think this is perhaps the third time I have joined Ganoskin.
Everytime I get swamped with work, I stop my membership, but then
start to miss the daily inputs, and reup.

I have a hobby business - started faceting gemstones and the moved
to silver fabrication and the customers started to appear. Next step
will be to move into gold, but I’m in no rush.

Best wishes to all.
Peter Dawson