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[Welcome] New Members for December 18, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Ruth Maxson MD
Indianapolis, IN. USA

I am a photographer (nature and travel) and a glass artist. I love
color. I love learning. Recent areas of exploration include
silversmithing, enameling, and PMC.

Inbar Dolly Bareket
Ramat Hasharon, Israel

My artistry journey began when I was 12 years old. I had a voice
teacher who discovered my music talent and decided to invest in my
musical skills. So, I started very early being a singer in “The
Bells” band, and later as an independent singer. I was also a singer
in a quartet in the Israeli Air Force.

In my early twenties I decided that I wanted a more normal life, so
I studied textile engineering and textile design in Shenkar College
of engineering and design.

Later on in my life I owned a company that imported and distributed
kitchen appliances and accessories. I worked in the diamond exchange
for 13 years, and in the last 10 years I was the system (IT) manager
of a high-tech software company.

So as you can see, I really went to the other side. But a few months
ago I’ve decided that it’s now or never-- I need to do something
with my soul-- and I began studying jewelry making at “Inbar
Studio.” And I fell in love.

My jewelry is all created by hand. Most of them are one of a kind
pieces. I work with precious metals, especially gold and silver, and
precious/semi-precious stones. I usually don’t plan what I’m going to
make - I just feel it and go with my emotion. I love the stones and
the metal - I feel they are a part of me, and my hands are doing the

Chris O’regan
New Zealand

I am a metal worker living in christchurch new zealand making Celtic
artwork (jewellery and patinated pictures) I enjoy the challenge and
reward working with metals

Kristi Kloss
Cultural arts center
Columbus, Ohio. USA

I began my metalsmithing career by taking jewelry classes in high
school.I was immediately enamored with metal as a material. After
studying with Kathleen Browne,I received my BFA from Kent State
University in 1997. It was Kathleen who encouraged me to attend East
Carolina University so I could study with Bob Ebendorf while he was
a guest instructor. ECU offered a rich & diverse program where I was
able to study under the late John Satterfield,Linda Darty,Joe
Muench, Mi Sook Hur, as well as Bob.

My work addresses my love & respect for the natural world & a
healthy planet through the motifs of insect & seed/pod. I enjoy
making sculptural jewelry & functional objects. My favorite
processes are those that involve a hammer:forming, raising, chasing,
& forging. I prefer direct fabrication versus casting but will when
the piece calls for it. Metalsmith at heart, I also integrate other
materials such as wood, resin, fiber, & natural objects into my
pieces because I value each material’s properties & feel they add to
the overall dynamic of each work.

I currently teach adult jewelry/metals classes at a city-run arts
center in Columbus, OH, where I also manage the Metals Studio. In
addition, I was asked to join the adjunct faculty at Capital
University, where I am the sole metals instructor in their BFA