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[Welcome] New Members for December 18, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Frank Bremond Johnston
Gladwyne, PA. USA

16 years ago I retired as a physician in internal medicine and
started taking courses in metal at Tyler School of Art (Temple
University). I have been there ever since serving as a volunteer in
the metals studio two days a week. My activities in addition to
teaching are largely in jewelry making and metalsmithing. At the age
of 91 I am still hoping to continue in my assisting in the studio
chiefly on a one to one basis with students. The only single
significant piece of work I produced in 2001 is a 5 foot wind harp
situated in the window of a bell tower located in Bangor

Adam Cooper
New York, New York. USA

I am a student at FIT studying Jewelry Design.

Karlette Murray
Lombard, IL. USA

I am just learning metalsmithing.

Jennifer Ann Scarfe Beckett
Pagewright Llp
East Grinstead, West Sussex. UK

i am in my sixth decade. i trained as a biologist way back in the
’60s and spent my free time learning practical skills in lapidary,
silversmithing and enamelling at evening classes - which i greatly

later, as an art teacher i taught students at gcse and advanced
level in the uk. where we covered a wide range of mixed media skills
including textiles, sculpture, metal, wood and clay work as well as
painting and photography.

i have had the good fortune to have travelled widely and to have
lived in both africa and the middle east as well as the uk

at present,i am an enthusiastic digital photographer and user of
photoshop who has a special interest in photographing plants and

i want to get back into creating jewellery using my photographic
work as source material for design.

i have a strong interest in the history of jewellery, and i like to
understand the principles and techniques (both ancient and modern)
involved in metalworking, stonecutting and allied crafts.