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[Welcome] New Members for December 15, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Carolynne Fletcher
Luminus Learning
Oakville, Ontario. Canada

I am new to designing and making jewellery. I am mostly working in
silver at this point. It is exciting to find a new passion.

Robert R Egan
San Francisco, CA. USA


I am new to handling metals and precious/semi-precious stones. At
the moment I am interested in jewelery using silver.

Cassandra Lee Ericson
C.L. Ericson
San Francisco, CA. USA

I am a recent graduate of The Revere Academy Jewelry Technician
Intensive and I have six classes left to obtain my Graduate degree
from Revere as well. I feel like I have learned the basics very
well, but I still have a long way to go, and a lot of practicing to
do. Any advice anyone has about the work or the business side of it
is always welcome. Happy smithing!

Pearl Robison
The Painted Goddess
Okmulgee, OK. USA

Studied Jewelry Design at Oklahoma State University with Steven

Visionary Artist, Illustrator and Jewelry Designer