[Welcome] New Members for December 14, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Tim Houston
Moon, PA. USA

Self-taught metalsmith - working in both silver and gold. Specialize
in hand-built chains - mostly because it was something I could learn
on my own and easy to acquire the tools. Also enjoy attempting other
techniques - fabrication and casting. Lately, have been trying to
learn stone-setting.

Would love to seal a few pieces, even if it’s just to recover the
cost of the materials. And lusting after some tools I don’t have -
rolling mill, plasma welder, vacuum caster. Sigh… so many tools,
so little money. :slight_smile:

Annukka Puotiniemi
Jokela, Finland

Hi! My name is Annukka, I live in Finland, and have been smithing for
just over a year.

I work mainly in Argentium these days, with the odd bit of gold
thrown in, if I’m lucky! I have been very very lucky in my short
journey in to metal smithing, and mainly do custom work now.

Please welcome our newest members…

Gabriele Dunn
Makawao, Hawaii. USA

Largely self taught- tons of reading and practicing. Work in Hawaii-
mostly with ocean related organic focals (shells, pearls, etc.)with
metalsmithing; silver and gold. Incorporating semi-precious stones
(mostly cabochons, rarely beads). It seems so often there is no
answer for my questions, that is surprising as I imagine I cannot
have invented any wheel. An example would be how very difficult it
was to find out how to solder filled metals (Rio sells em to you but
knows next to nothing about soldering them- very strange). NOw that
I know a bit about it, I don’t want to buy it anymore (maybe thats
why Rio doesn’t know much, hmmmm.)

Can’t wait to learn more and help anyone else with what I have