[Welcome] New Members for December 1, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Carolyn Thom
Vista High School
Fallbrook, CA. USA

I am an art teacher at Vista High School in the North San Diego
area. I mostly teach a 3D design and sculpture class but i am trying
to introduce a jewelry making class. I make jewelry myself and sell
it on occasion. I work with sead beads and now with metals of all
kinds. I am interested in all aspects of the process of making
jewelry as a beginner/intermediate craftsman.

Philippe Gobillon
Saulieu, France

Hello, I’m a french metalworker, and I’m studying mokume gane
jewelry. I’ve got wonderful Steve Midgett’s book “Mokume gane”. I’m
learning… I can’t speak english very well, and it’s difficult for
me to gather good tricks among bazillion available on the web. That’s
why I’m coming to you, to ask you few questions about problems that
I’m encountering. I spend a considerable amount of time on the
bench, but it’s difficult to re invent all techniques alone in the
workshop… Hope you will give me a little help :wink: I apologize for
my poor english Thank you, and best regards to all. Philippe

Charles Robinson
Dallas, TX. USA

I have never created Jewelery, but I know art. For years (I’m 71},
I’ve expressed my self through photography and sports. My
photographs have been focused on Landscapes and Urbanscapes and the
nuances of light and shadow.

The sports that I am passionate about (Running, Sailing, Cycling.and
Skiing) have one thing in common…when done right; they not only
feel good, they LOOK fantastic.

I am interested in learning how to marry what I know and through
that marroiage, create permanent and beautiful wearable art.

Paula Van Praag
Spring Lake, NJ. USA

I am a jewelry designer in New Jersey. I am fairly new to this
business and so making contacts is important to me.

Teressa Sliger
Tessera LLC
Benton, KS. USA

I am an artist using a variety of mediums: painting (oil,
watercolor, pastel, pen & ink sketching, etc.); glasswork (stained
glass, mosaic, fusing); knitting; and jewelry (gemstone designed
pieces, lampworking, and soon hope to learn metal and polymer clay.)
I enjoy anything that taps into my creativity.

Nadia Eloise Evans
London, UK

I am currently studying a FDA Silversmithing and Jewellery course at
the London Metropolitan University I am finding it interesting and I
am very exhited and enthusiastic to learn more.

Mary Alexander
Lincroft, USA

I’ve been doing off loom needle woven beadwork for about 10 years.
Within the last two years I have begun to develop skills in metal
working - some soldering, some cold connections. My existing
equipment far exceeds my ability to use it properly, chuckle. I’ve
frequently scanned the Orchid archives to find answers to my
questions, and would like to start participating in the Orchid
discussions more regularly.