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[Welcome] New Members for December 1, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Todd A Godfrey
Godfreys Jewelers
Raleigh, NC. USA

Owned a store for 17 years, always wanting to learn more

Beverly Schnell
Kennesaw, GA. USA

Beverly Schnell graduated from the School for American Crafts at
Rochester Institute of Technology in 1995 with a Bachelors of Fine
Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. Her work reflects the
sensual organic forms found in nature. She incorporates the use of
curves from the body and other natural elements to inspire her
passion for designing and creating jewelry. Color, shape and texture
combine to give a unique yet fashionable look.

Michael S. Johnson
Cosmic Folklore Studios
Helena, Alabama. USA

At the age of 8, my dad started me to work cleaning castings and
working around his jewelry store. He was a master Jeweler, and
wanted to pass on the trade to me. But, after years of sizing rings,
fixing prongs, and general bench work, I left for college and vowed
never to do jewelery again. I received a BFA a,d MFA in Fine arts,
and a Med in Education. I taught Printmaking at U of Alabama for a
while, and then became a real art teacher for a high school, where I
still teach graphic Design. But, over the last five years, I have
started integrating imagery that I was using in my painting and
printmaking into jewelry designs. I don’t consider myself a jeweler,
per se, as much as an artist of wearable sculptures made of metals
and stones.

Alan Phillips
Southport, Merseyside. UK

I am an educator teaching metals and general 3D design full time
(now at postgraduate level) at a large British University but have
experience teaching in the US as well. I originally trained at
Sheffield as a silversmith but tend to make jewellery items in the

Jo J McCullough
Sanger, TX. USA

After a big fire I am starting a new line. Master model is almost
finished. Glad to see what comes next. Good info found here. Jo