[Welcome] New Members for August 8, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Anne Pas Burke
Prime Hook Beach Bounty
Chevy Case, MD. USA

Fairly new to metalsmithing- 3yrs- love incorporating nature items
with precious metals, beach glass is a favorite and was motivation
to expand from jewelry making into smithing. Taken lots of classe at
Creative Metalworks in Kensington, MD. Want to retire next few years
and do my craft full-time-- have sold pieces at charity auctions and
continue to receive requests for commissions–each piece lets me
know how much more there is learn!

Laura Honeker
London, UK


I am 20 and have just completed my HND in Jewellery and
Silversmithing at the Birmingham School of Jewellery and looking to
further my development through collaborations with other jewellers
or artists. I have been working as an apprentice to A.W.Davey since
I was 16 and have a preference to traditional techniques (as apposed
to using technology, be it CAD software or lasers)

I am very interested in learning about enameling and further
developing my ideas on mokume gane (although I have a workbench and
most tools, I have yet to kit out a full workshop and so don’t yet
have a rolling mill, so my mokume development can only be
theoretical for now)

Bill Bryan Presley
Turners jewlers
Anderson, SC. USA

I am an artist jewelry is my profession and my passion; however I
also enjoy blown glass, painting, welded steel sculpture as well as
marble wood caligraphy etc. etc. etc. I have been creating and
repairing jewelry off and on for over 27 years.