[Welcome] New Members for August 7, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Hannelore Jundt-Pritchard
Pritchard fine craft
West bend, WI. USA

After leaving the business sector after 20 years, I became a full
time jewelry artist and have been doing that for 20 years. My work
is made of non traditional materials. I use acrylic, plastics,
electronic and computer components, parts from the hardware store,
aluminum coils…actually anything I can find that might be
interesting. I sell my work at art fairs all over the country, but
with the economy the past couple of years, I have been staying
closer to home.

Paula H Wolfe
Marlborough, MA. USA

I’m a recently retired high school jewelry and metal smithing
teacher in the Boston area. In 1985 I spent time as a jeweler in
residence in the Lake District of England and have returned every
year often taking metals courses or visiting friends, many of them
metal smiths. Just finished a fabulous pewter course at Haystack
with Fred Fenster. I surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying pewter!

Penny A Linde
Bloomington, MN. USA

I am a student at Minneapolis Tech. College taking courses in
Jewelry making and have completed 3/4 of an AA degree in Jewelry
Making. I have completed an 8 week course at New Approach for
Jewelers in Virginia Beach,Va. this year. My goal is to apprentice
with a local Jewelry Artisan. My personal mission is to equip myself
with enough bench jeweler skills to express my love for creative
metal working with others.

Robin S. Bean
Eyemagination of Robin S Bean
Saint Petersburg, FL. USA

I have been a silversmith since the age of 13 and a lapidarist since
the age of 9. Each piece I make is an individual; never reproduced,
signed, numbered and catalogued. My repeat clients throughout the US,
Canada and the Caribbean love this; as they can always obtain a
complimentary or companion piece. In my travels throughout the
world, the environment, both manmade and natural have had an impact
on my lifestyle, philosophy design work and profession. The word
eyemagination comes from the fact I am a very visual person and see
very differently. What most people see as waste I use as my raw
materials and is a component of each piece. From mine tailings to
scrap wood saved from the fire, discarded flatware and most important
to support the use of reclaim reuse recycle repurpose. Most of the
stones I use I have mined when my travels allow. The black coral I
use I dove myself back in the early 70s when I was a yacht captain in
the Caribbean. I have several degrees and many careers but I have
always carried my silversmithing tools with me. My work is hand
wrought with the most basic of tools. I did discovery ART CLAY and
love working with it, especially since it is a green company and uses
reclaimed silver and gold in its product line.

Jody Kenney
JK Letterpress & Jewelry
La Canada, CA. USA

I am a sometime PCC Jewelry and Graphic Design/Computer Design