[Welcome] New Members for August 5, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Sheryl Ann Delaney
Mexico, NY. USA

I am a 41 yr old divorced mother of 2 grown children. I love working
with beads and wire. I want to eventually learn to work with all the
different parts of this trade.

Tammy Young
Sanford, FL. USA

I am Tammy, and I am 1 year new to metalsmithing, but have been
making jewelry for 8 years. I am quite obsessed with metal and
predominantly self-taught. I joined Ganoksin because I am anxious to
learn all I can.

Elizabeth Gillespie
San Antonio, TX. USA

I make jewelry using PMC, stering silver wire wrap and soldering

Elizabeth McRorie
Charlotte, NC. USA


Hello, I run PrettyRock with my husband, we sell rough and
gemological equipment. I am also working toward my GG at GIA. I just
started to learn silversmithing at William Holland, and I am hooked!
My silver teacher noted that ganoskin was a great place to learn
more about silver smithing, and it was also recommended by the good
people at gemologyonline.com.

Dean Amick
Bethlehem, PA. USA

I have been a goldsmith for twenty years and can work with any metal.

Nicole J Taylor
New York, NY. USA

Hi, I’m an Aussie living in NYC and loving it here. My education is
in design & business, and I came into making jewelry about two years
ago - since then I haven’t looked back! I’m sure I will enjoy using
the forum to learn more about everything jewelry related and to
become part of a broader comm unity of jewelers.