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[Welcome] New Members for August 4, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Kendra Ann
San diego, CA. USA

I’m a new Metalsmith student

Angela Erickson
Wanship, UT. USA

I mainly fabricate using precious metals, stones, and glass.

Pradeep Gour
Mysore, Karnataka. India

I am Pradeep Gour an Applied Geologist by Training now settled in
life as a practicing Gemologist. I entered the arena about 18-20
Years ago. Presently in the position of Head of the Department of
Gems and Jewellery at queens School of Design, Mysore, Karnataka,

Gem cutting is perhaps my single most important activity in my Life.
I also picked up Jewelry Designing expertise, although my initial
foray was to Design and enjoy doing it.

Jewellery Designing has opened up my desire to create Jewelry with
meaning and contain a message in all my works.

My soul bonding with Gems including Diamonds made me to initiate and
verbalize the sentiment of Gems and Jewelry for the Sensitive.

As I am the CEO of Simplicity, a Gems and Jewellery Enterprise based
at Mysore, India. I firmly believe that appreciation of Gems and
Jewellery is innate in Human-being and that when a genuine customer
buys Jewellery, the Foremost feeling in Him or Her is that of Joy.
All other things are second on ly to it. I also, open Heartily
support the opinion that a good few Jewelers and Gemstone dealers
need not inherit the Business as popularly believed. That Gems and
Jewellery Business is not only for the select few who inherit it
from their Grand Fathers or so. I sincerely believe it is the
playing field for any and all who have discovered the Business and
have contributed by working very hard. Learning on the stride and
sacrificing willingly only to excel in the field.They by way of
Joining various courses and accepting the tough standards required
and studying Gemology and Jewellery Design ing to the best of their

In short Gemologists and Jewellery Professionals should be the true
deserving ones to establish them selves in this field, it is their
Birth Right and not the other way around.