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[Welcome] New Members for August 31, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Maura May
New York, NY. USA

I have been studying jewelry design and fabrication for 2 years.

Harriete Estel Berman
San Mateo, Ca. USA

Harriete Estel Berman uses recycled tin cans to construct her
artwork ranging from jewelry and teacups to entire lawns of social

Harriete Estel Berman is writing an ongoing series of Professional
Guidelines for the arts community to promote understanding,
checklists, and practical solutions for recurring issues in the art
and craft community.

I look forward to speaking with you.
Harriete Berman
San Mateo, Ca, USA

Renee V Friedman
Kent, NY. USA

i am looking to start a green jewlery business.