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[Welcome] New Members for August 30, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Deirdre Breame
Bolton, UK

I am relatively new to this and I have limited access to training in
my area unless I give up my job and become a fultime student.
Unfortunately as I have a mortgage to pay I will have to continue as
a nurse and learn techniques where I can.

Brett Garrett
Brett Garrett Studios
Knoxville, TN. USA

I am a classically trained sculptor making a transition to jewelry

Mark McCloskey
Tempe, AZ. USA

I have been metalsmithing part time for five years. I enjoy making
small, precise pieces but I mostly make mistakes. I need to get more
practice and hoping that this forum will help with this.

Marg Bond
Bowie, USA

I am a beginning goldsmith. I enjoy the process of jewlery making
and have begun to take various courses. I am sure this web site will
be very helpful to me.

Kristine Karen Kennedy
Savannah, GA. USA

I am a professional designer in film, television and theater. I have
been working in this field for over ten years. In the process and
have met a wide range of artisans, used all sorts of materials, and
developed settings that cover a wide range of time periods. However,
in jewelry making, I came to discover the joy of working on a more
intimate level with materials and having a one on one relationship
with the piece you are creating and the person who wears it. I can
now create worlds in the space of hours with just myself and my
tools in the piece of my own home. I still work in film and
appreciate the grand scale, but I’m hooked on discovering process,
new materials, and new ways of doing things in jewelry design - as
well as learning the old time worn crafts of the ages. I love making
pieces that transport people to another time or place.

Susanne Rueb
Architecture company
Chiswick, London. UK

Hi! I’m from Germany, I’ve studied Product design in Offenbach am
Main (near Frankfurt) and then caught the “working abroad bug”,
which brought me to Los Angeles and London. I have been working more
or less as a graphic/exhibition designer for the past 7 years. My
dream is to start a business, ideally with a partner, making
accessories (belts, wallets, handbags etc.) and jewelry. I have
started to teach myself sewing, and done a course in silversmithing
and jewelry. Anything I can create with my hands is very fulfilling
to me. My other passion is rock climbing, I love the outdoors and
the fact that it’s physically very challenging. If you feel you have
similar goals or dreams and would like to exchange ideas or are
interested in doing something together in this field, I would love
to hear from you!