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[Welcome] New Members for August 26, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Vincent Brownie Brown
Altoona, Iowa. USA

Practicing jeweler and craftsman looking for motivation and
inspiration. Working on a shoestring and on disability. Attended Gem
City College in Quincy, Il. in the Mid 80’s for three year and open
a store in Hamilton Il. had to close in the 90’S had a fire and no
insurance lost most of my equipment and supplies. But still love the

Pinckney Simons Simons
Beaufort, South Carolina. USA

I have been designing fine jewelry for the past two years. Each
piece is truly one-of-a-kind. The fine silver and 14kt gold are
meticulously manipulated and sculpted by hand-forging. I do have a
bit of fixation with my ever-growing collection of minerals,
crystals, gemstones and especially artifacts. Each one provides an
inspiration all of its own, ultimately dictating the formation and
overall design. As part of the creative process, I never know how the
piece will look upon completion. For me, this is somewhat of an
impulsive process, with only a vague sense of direction and
undoubtedly many twists and turns along the way (no pun intended). I
take great pride in the uniqueness of my work, not to mention the
overall functionality and presentation. All of my works are
lightweight and form-fitted for the individual.

Amy Waller
Bakersville, NC. USA

Studio potter in Western North Carolina. I make ceramic jewelry with
Egyptian faience, fritware and porcelain.