[Welcome] New Members for August 26, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Stephen E Moore
Auckland, New Zealand

I have been a fully qualified jeweller for 40 years now, and I am
currently running a jewellery making programme in New Zealand at
Manukau Institute of Technology.

Privately I take great pains to make beautiful works, designed by
myself, and not all of my pieces are jewellery. My motivation is the
pursuit of perfection. I sustain a very high standard of
workmanship, no matter what I make, and I have received many
commissions because of my unique abilities. I take the greatest
delight in innovating ways to achieve the pieces which I design,
this quite often involves the making of special tools to complete
the work I do. Hopefully you will see some of my works in the
Ganoksin Gallery, and I look forward to contributing to the forums
when I can.

Rosie Borba
Cool Florist and Gifts
Cool, CA. USA

Shop owner of Gift and Flowers, we sell jewelry and gifts. I need a
little stress relief and feel this would be a good way for me to go.
I love trying new things. Thank, Rosie

Laurie Simpson
Columbus, OH. USA

I’m fairly new to jewelry making and metal working and I have become
facinated with foldforming,corregation and chainmail. I don’t do
well with soldering so these are natural fit for me. I like natural,
organic forms and am trying to acheive these in metal.

Paul Beetham
Lake Wylie, S.C. USA

I have been working in the jewelry field for ten years. Prior to that
I have a sixteen year background in welding and ironworking.

Meagan Esther Reelitz
Bright Light Designs
Oakland, CA. USA


Jewelry designer and fabricator based out of Oakland, California.
Currently attending The Revere Academy for graduate classes;
completed the Jewelry Technician Program at Revere in August 2009.
Started Bright Light Designs in 2008, it began as a fashion jewelry
line and now I am taking it in a different direction.

Benjamin Michael Wilson
Bexley, NSW. Australia, 2207

I am a 30 year old aspiring jeweller. I live in Sydney and am
currently doing Certificate 3 Jewellery Manufacture at Enmore TAFE.
I am in love with this trade and desperately want to gain an
apprenticeship! I currently manage a Harvey Norman franchise and am
good at my job, but I don’t love it. I am married and have 1 child
with another in the oven as you read this! I also love being a dad.

Anyone in Sydney with a small chance of taking on an apprentice
should contact me. I can start right away and will be a valuable
addition to any workshop. I can show work completed, drawings and
designs, and even demonstrate saw piercing, filing, soldering,
melting/casting if desired.

either way, I look forward to being a contributing member to the