[Welcome] New Members for August 26, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Lisa Hopkins
West Lafayette, IN. USA

I work with sterling silver, etching my handlettered calligraphy and
hand drawn designs into my pendants. I look forward to learning from
this group.

Joe William Rollings
Unique Tool
Rodeo, NM. USA

I make tools for artisans. Glass bead makers, especially
metalsmiths, woodturners, sometimes blacksmiths, etc. I also write
books for artisans and other folks who want to make their own
machinery. I have been hand grinding silversmith stamps for the
jewelry industry since 1978.

My wife and I have raised our 5 daughters and now live in a very
remote location in S.W. New Mexico on 20 acres of high desert. We
have achieved what author James Michener claimed was the “ideal
state of being”. We have only three kinds of things left;

  1. Things we have to do.
  2. Things we want to do
  3. Things we don’t do.

Among the things we want to do is to continue to make fine artisan’s
tools for the metalsmiths of the world “as long as these four hands
are fit to use”…Joe

Liz J Kerr
Lafayette, CO. USA

Independent jeweler

Lysa Hoffman
Peekskill, NY. USA

Hi everyone! I have been making jewelry on and off in one form or
another for about 30 years, and am back into it, although not full
time. I am also back into working jewelry retail at a large company
and doing well. I am married with three adult cats (Harry Houdini,
Tiggers Bounce, and Pyewacket) and two eleven week old kittens
(Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer). I also knit and spin and am on
Ravelry. I live in upper Westchester County, NY, about an hour
outside of NYC by train.

Viv Papageorgiou
Athens, Greece

Im just a beginner in this business- currently i have designs on
paper and looking into putting them on CAD. I would like to know
about the basics of jewelry craftmanship- for example which
materials are compatible with which gemstones and so on.