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[Welcome] New Members for August 23, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Christine Street
Chocolate and Steel
Los Angeles, CA. USA


I’m a metal clay artist in Los Angeles. I dabble in metalsmithing as
well. I look forward to the wealth of knowledge that you all have.

Lee Horowitz
Peru Blue Opal Ltd
Sinking Spring, PA. USA

Bibliography of Lee Horowitz, Gemologist “Gemstones of Peru” GIA
Alumni Association Washington DC Chapter Lecture-Presentation

Mr Lee Horoiwtz is recognized worldwide as an authority on
"Gemstones of Peru" After obtaining a series of degrees, including a
Masters in Educationand an Advanced Graduate Degree Certficate, et
el, from colleges in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Mr Horowitz turned
his attentions to the gem industry. He received a certrificate in
Gemology from the International Gem Society in in 1986 and embarked
on a number of business and consultant ventures in addition to
lectures and presentations focused on gems and jewelry. Mr Horowitz
began as an asscoiate with Cleavland Gem and Mineral Compnay in Ohio.
He subsequently established with Marcel Ryzenberg the partnerhsip of
Peru Blue Opal Ltd in Lima Peru, an enterp[rise which has become a
leader in the mining, cutting, and sales of Peruvian An
additional partnership was formed by Mr Horowitz, Kingdom of Cambodia
International Gemstone Co Ltd ( KCIG Co Ltd) which likewise became
one of the largestcutting and heat treatment facilities in Phnom Penh
Cambodia. He is also an associate and consultant to Dikra Gem of New
York, NY and as well to NCE Enterprises/NCE Gems of Chicago IL. He
also acts as a consulting gemologist and advisor on zambian, east
african (Tanzania and Kenyan) gemstones as well as Peruvian gemstone
materials. Mr Horowitz also serves as a consulting gemologist for a
number of mine owners and gemstone companies internationally and

Susan Brown
Albany, NY. USA

Hi, My name is Susan and I love to design jewelry and have started
out by beading and am now wanting to learn metalsmithing. I work a
full time day job so my time is so limited to grow in this as I would
love to be able to make a living from this art. I find it beautiful.
Ideas and designs just pop into my head. I write them down.
Unfortunately I don’t know the techniques to produce them. So little
by little I will learn and hope this organization and teaching tools
will advance me. I feel fortunate to have found you. Thank you.
Sincerely, Susan Brown