[Welcome] New Members for August 22, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Demetra Gayle Fountaine
Demetra Gayle Designs
Oakland, CA. USA


Hello, my name is Demetra Gayle and I am an Adornments Artist. I do
jewelry – gold & silver metalsmithing, beaded using vintage beads
from all over the world, I make leather bags, and I do knit wear and
altar items. Many of my creations are Sacred Adornments, for example
I use natural stones and beads for the effect they have on a person’s
physical, mental and emotional self. I make things that incorporate
a person’s personal items, from one’s past as well as from one’s
family. And I also knit scarves, hats, and Treasure Nests. The Nests
can be used as holders for special jewelry piece s, for softening
one’s computer area, or for a special wrapping for a gift to a
special person. I love what I do and am constantly in the process of
developing my skills. I returned in early August after a 4 month
learning trip to Florence Italy where I studied leather bag and
purse making. I d o many of my bags by hand and all are one of a
kind, adorned with special stones, beads, and miscellaneous special

Thank you for Orchid. You are doing a wonderful service for our

Demetra Gayle

Suanough Zentell
Spirits Weaving Silver
Katy, TX. USA

I am a retired aerospace graphic artist/illustrator living in
Coastal Texas.

I have been interested in designing and making jewelry for several
years. I have tried my hand at beadweaving and am now learning Chain
Maille. I would also like to learn Wiresmithing, Silversmithing, and
Lapidary skills.

I understand there is a Lapidary group here in the Houston area and
will be looking to them for learning about minerals, fossils and