[Welcome] New Members for August 21, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Michael S Grace
Weatherford, Texas. USA

Hello everyone! I am an airline pilot who dabbles in silversmithing
and silver jewelery. I love the process of creating new and unusual
one of a kind items. I don’t try to sell much. Instead I usually
trade some items or give them as gifts. I would love to sell but I
have a ways to go before that happens. I like tools. Especially
hammers and always looking for raising stakes.

J(ay) Morley
J Morley Goldsmith
Niwot, Co. USA

I have been making jewelry for about thirty years and I am never
bored. I live outside of Boulder Colorado and have live here for a
looong time and love it.

Helen Benedikter
Tustin, CA. USA

I am new to jewelry making and am interested primarily in metal work.
I look forward to learning much through your project.