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[Welcome] New Members for August 21, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Davida Newman
Windham, ME. USA

the name of my business is “dalet design” and i am a relatively new
jewelry artist (i hesitate to call myself a jeweler as i don’t have
the “classical” training to back up that word). my jewelry right now
is all sterling silver and my designs fall under the category of
judaica, with a primary focus on the letters of the hebrew alphabet
(the “aleph bet”). right now i’m doing a big marketing/pr push to get
my jewelry before the eyes of many. i feel like i’m on a steep
learning ascent, navigating and harnessing the ways one must
publicize their work in the cyber world environment, and learning how
to be a left brained/business person directed by a right

Anita Stafford-Allen
Goat Designs
Andover, UK

Hi, I love gemstones in all shapes and sizes, and a burning but as
yet unsatisfied urge to explore various metal working techniques -
my area is a bit dry in courses so Im being fairly impatient!!
Thought I would join as it would be great to be in touch with like
minded people.

Mitch Hartley
Oakland jewelry studio
Doylestown, PA. USA

Working to become the place to shop for jewelry in Bucks County.