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[Welcome] New Members for August 20, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Chris Munier
Cap d’Ail, France

A retired engineer today, I spent over 10 years in Jos Plateau State
Nigeria where during my free time I learned to facet semi precious
stones from Plateau State such as Aquamarine and Heliodor,
Tourmaline, Natural Zircons, Sapphires, Topaz, Granate which are
mined in this state. When I left a few years ago upon retiring, I
started to make gold and silver jewelry as a hobby. I would like to
start faceting again and have designed an autonomous faceting head
which I would like to share with other people who may be interested
in improving it and building it as well.

Susan L Steger
Columbus, Ohio. USA

I am a mother of 4 kids and find my time in my studio so fulfilling,
allowing my creative side to shine between driving my kids here and
there. My time in my studio is my reward for the monotony of
housework, etc… The bonus is people liking and buying my work.
This is why I named my business All about me, it’s that time I get to
invest in my artful endeavors.

Juliana Davis
Newport, NC. USA

I want to learn about the industry with a special interest in custom
pieces and an in house production line.

Gwendolyn Renee Fox
Jene’s Silver
Fullerton, CA. USA

During my first class with Lorrie Mason Potter (2004). I knew I
found my passion. Since then I have continued my education by
attending various seminars and did my Internship at The Crucible.
Meeting people in this profession and learning all that I can, is
how I *“Wake up and smell the roses!” ;-}

Hong Hoan Kim
Mega Creation
Seoul, South Korea


I am handicraft jewelry artisan live in Seoul Korea. I handled to 18K
gold & platinum & palladium silver for prototyping of mass. And had
been for a long time ago to begining to learn about this skill of
making in front of bench when I was 18 years old & now I am 32 at
2008. I was hunger for degree & I could got degree at this year 2008
bachelor of fine art.

And had to get 3 kind of prize from local competition design &
craft. At Hand drawing, at made a piece of work,at jewelry making
skills tournament.

I had been a long time to find out where the communication site of
jewelers. And now I am very happy to see here & find out finally. So
I’m glad to meet you.

Have a great day.
Thank you.