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[Welcome] New Members for August 2, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Becky Purcell
Huntsville, AL. USA

I have spent the last several years in very poor health, with a
diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, and most recently Gastroparesis. In
that time, though unable to work or often care for myself I became
depressed. But I knew if only I could find something I could DO, a
way to contribute something - anything, really - then I could at
least make my life more enjoyable regardless of where the disease
could take me.

One day I recalled how much fun I’d had playing with wire, making
window hangings as Christmas gifts several years before. I gathered
up my courage, and called my mother in law to ask for her help in
learning about, and investing in supplies for making jewelry with

And here I am, feeling better about myself plus the benefit of being
under a new medication that has since brought my mind and body back
to me as well. And maybe I can’t hold a ‘real world job’, but at
least I can give myself over to doing something I love. As it turns
out, I’ve surprised both my family and myself at how naturally
talented I am - so now comes the harder - but much more fun - part
of learning how to get better at it!

That is the best medicine of all.

Welcome Becky. You are an inspiration. You are dealing with serious
health issues, but instead of feeling depressed, you have found
something creative to do which gives you joy and helps you to heal.
I greatly admire you. Alma

Welcome to the group Becky. we are here to help in what ever way we
can with your journey into jewelry.

Kudos to you Becky! keep on keeping on! You’ll have to keep us
posted and send photos of your work. I know that I’d like to see what
you’re doing.

Carol A. Guenther