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[Welcome] New Members for August 18, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Warren Rinehart
Panton, VT. USA

My passion for the last 5 yrs has been doing metal art.

Cathy Y LaClair
Cathy LaClair Jewelry Design
Milton, Vermont. USA

Hi I am Cathy. I live in the beautiful state of Vermont in the USA.
I just retired from corporate america to follow my dream of becoming
a full time studio goldsmith. I look forward to using this site to
advance my skills by tapping into people who have gone before me
down this road. Thankyou.

Cindi A Z
Brenham, USA

I took a college Art course and am just starting out. I’m looking
forward to learning more.

Sharrey Droe
Designs by Dore’
Saettle, WA. USA

Creative jewelry artist.

Lori Lynn Crawford
Sylvania, Georgia. USA

I am 51, retired and disabled. I make jewelry as a hobby for now and
have been seen I was a young girl. But I hope to be making jewelry
for a supplimentry income before long. I am currently taking courses
from different mediums including Ashworths College. And I also read
everything I can get my hands on. I like several types of jewelry
makings including wirewrapping, sead beading, and Bead wrapping. I
am wanting to broaden my abilities to designing.

Martha Seely
Martha Seely Design
Carlisle, USA

For over 20 years I was a wardrobe stylist and costume designer for
theater, film and TV. (not in LA or NYC). I still take on a wardrobe
styling job when the spirit moves me. Though shopping for a living
is a pretty fun gig, when you do it for years, it loses some of it’s
creativity. In college, I was an art major, so as I began getting
itchy for new creative endeavors I began doing fine art again.
However - once I took a metals class, I found a renewed inspiration.
This was/is a way to create wearable art. Since this new beginning,
I have been working to develop a look, a style and a technique that
"felt" like me and (surprisingly - given my attraction to all curved
shapes) I stumbled into cold connections. I am still exploring
riveting, and the more I explore, the more I want to explore. I love
the layers, the weight, the sculptural/architectural quality, the
juxt a position of metal against metal against stones. I love trying
to make the industrial quality of riveting feel more feminine
through the shaping of the metals and the addition of flush mount
stones. I can imagine doing this work for a long time and look
forward to seeing where I will take it over the years. It is
exciting to be looking forward to a new career, rather than looking
backward to the past. It is exciting and inspirational to meet and
work with jewelry/metal artists, seeing how each artist views her/his
work. I feel very fortunate that in the northwestern suburban Boston
area, we have both the Decordova Museum school and MetalWerx for
classes. To have the support and friendship created by these schools
is unbelievable.

Amy Wyckoff
Charlotte, NC. USA

I am just beginning as a silversmith and am excited to join this
forum to learn from skilled artists.