[Welcome] New Members for August 11, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Maureen Figueredo
The Enchanted Seed
Tucson, Arizona. USA


independently-owned jewelry design studio located in Tucson,

Camille Antoinette Cole
Brown Lotus Designs
Fresno, CA. USA

Hi Everyone!!!

My Name is Camille I am 26 and have been designing jewelry for 5
years now. I love it so much and see myself making jewelry when I’m
80 God Willing. I got this sight Info for a fellow designer who
thought this would help me out with more info. Thank you so much and
I look foward to lots of Great In formation.

Your Friend,
Camille Cole

Allen Foster
Fosters Jewelers
Mocksville, NC. USA

I’ve been a goldsmith in a small family jewelery store for 25 years.
I enjoy fabricating gold and silver pieces at my bench,However, I
surrive mostly on repair work.I am more of a craftsman than a
designer. I tend to like simple pieces with really fine crisp lines
than a complicated intricate style. I find inspiration in nature,
anything that crawls walks swims or flies amazes me.

Randy Wright
Joplin, MO. USA


I’ve been making jewelry since the 1970’s. My work is primarily
sterling, I like to carve so most of my work is lost wax and I do my
own casting. Most of my designs have organic flowing lines. I took a
few years off from full time at the bench to teach art, and am now
back making jewelry full time. I usually sell my work though

Charles Ernest McRae
Mac Gems and Jewelry
Dallas, Texas. USA

I used to be a computer programmer but have always been interested in
gems and jewelry. My mother passed away a few years ago and with that
inheritance I have taken instruction on the finer points of creating
jewelry via metal clay, fabrication, and lost wax casting as well as
getting the equipment we have needed. I am currently working with my
wife to create enough hand crafted inventory to do the local shows
and especialy the Renaissance faires. I have been faceting and
cabbing gemstones since I was fifteen…we won’t say how many years
ago that was but it was a lifetime…hehe. I am stil l needing to do
a little programming from time to time as a way to bolster up my
accounts until we can get better established with people interested
in our jewelry. I am also taking GIA courses and have my A.J.P. but
am one course and a cumulative final away from having my G.G. I am
very interested in the presented in these forums and will
be more than happy to add anything I have learned or experienced.

Carolyn DiCecca
Westford, USA

A graduate of Art and Art History. Metalsmith, sculptor, designer.