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[Welcome] New Members for August 1, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Dawn Fatheree
Sunrise Jewelry & Gems
Irvine, CA. USA

I don’t know what came first, my love of color, of crafts or of
jewelry. All started when I was very young, my Grandma had a small
business of making Christmas ornaments. Each one was beautiful and
completely unique, kind of like jewelry for your Christmas tree.
Believe it or not, she hand-crafted ornaments year round and made
quite a bit of “mad money”. Unfortunately Grandma is no longer with
us, but her spirit has always lived in me. At any given time, I’ve
had at least one project in process. It’s only been recently that
I’ve started taking my skills more seriously and have become
dtermined to earn my own mad money and hopefully make others as
delighted by my hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry items as
Grandma’s ornaments made her family and customers.

Shannon Wiger
Sauk rapids, MN. USA

Jewelry designer

Nancy V Revelle
Arroyo Grande, CA. USA

I’ve been enjoying the hobby of making beaded jewelry for several
years and am now getting into more serious jewelry making. I’ve
learned how to solder and fabricate some basics in silver and am on
a huge learning curve - and loving it! :slight_smile:

I also enjoy woodturning & graphic (& web) design, reading, history,
photography, cars (classic & performance), nature & animals.

Pankaj Anantrai Bakhai
Anantrai & Sons
Nagpur, Maharashtra. India

I am trading and manufacturing silver articles since last 25 years. I
am also interested in technical side of silver and gold. My
particular interest is in the know how of caring and conserving of
silver articles. I am also a numismatist. Thanks,

Gayle M. Weatherson
Red Ash Studio
Echo, Oregon. USA

Hmmm…I have loved jewelry since I was a baby. Now I make it. I have
been working with metal clay for almost 8 years now, and also do some
traditional metalwork, funky pottery, and collage/painting. I love
rocks, tools, and metal. I also teach art at a local secondary school
(7-12). I am eager to learn new stuff all the time, which is why I
keep going to school. I earned a bachelor’s in fine art and art
education 1n 1986 from Montana State U. I recently finished a
master’s in education from Portland State. I should be thinking about
retirement…but there are still things I want to do, espe cially
with jewelry. I like to put weird stuff together, and I collect
everything that looks remotely cool: pebbles, sticks, computer parts,
bits of rusted metal, smashed bottlecaps, camera parts, tiny bolts,
etc. I have lots of books and lots of questions…thanks for