[Welcome] New Members for April 8, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Sam Davis
UDesign Jewelry, LLC
Las Vegas, NV. USA


I am a chemical and metallurgical engineer and entrepreneur. I
previously worked for the Cookson Material Products Group, which
manufactured all kinds of precious metal products, from mill
products and casting grain to chain, findings and finished jewelry.
My company, UDesign Jewelry, LLC, manufactures custom jewelry at
wholesale prices and sells over the internet or wholesale. We design
jewelry using 3D CAD software, prototype it, and then cast and
finish. I have presented papers at the Santa Fe Symposium two times
and am preparing to present paper next month.

Lynn Alldrin
RavenWind Design

A simple bead stringer–for nearly 15 years. Love rocks! Admire fine
lapidary, but want someone else to do it. Sell mostly at retail
art/craft fairs. Was signed up on Orchid years ago, enjoyed it but
lost track somehow. Good to be back.

Eric Brian Hanson
Boca Raton, FL. USA

Hi, my name is Eric… I design, make and repair jewelry, and have
all sorts of ideas for projects. I’m joining to hopefully get the
input/ insight of other people in the trade…