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[Welcome] New Members for April 8, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Ann Lee Tay
Collectible jewellery
Klang, Selangor. Malaysia

i am a comtemporary jewelry designer and reason i join ganoksin to
to learn more about jewelry making…

Barb Turpin
Chilliwack, BC. Canada

I am a novice rock hound and have an interest in learning more about
what to do with the stones I collect.

Karen Gilroy
Ava gems
devizes, wiltshire. UK

I work with large rare and unusual semi-precious natural uncut and
cut gemstones and mix colour, shape and different size beads in my
designs to create stunning pieces that are easy to wear. I am also
interested in the healing energy of I am currently
updating my silversmithing skills and am always looking at new ways
of working with metals.

Beth-Ann M Mullen
Suntech Hawaii
Kaneohe, HI. USA

Aloha! I am just getting back into my creative space after helping
my husband start our solar company in 2004. (what feels like) A
hundred years ago, before becoming an “executive”, I was making part
of my living doing wire wraps of the beautiful shells & glass I
found along the shores of Oahu.

That was going well and I was loving it, but when the solar wave hit
and I got washed into an office where I learned more than enough for
my lifetime about excel, balance sheets, p&l, tax preparation and a
million other things of similar interest. About a year ago we hired
an executive staff and I became free!! It has taken some time to get
the details of office life out of my head and my creative vision
back in focus. I have taken a couple of fabrication classes and a
casting class at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, but driving to town
every time I wanted to work was a hinderance. …the n, this
Christmas, I woke up to find our dining room filled with a mountain
of boxes. When I started opening them, it became clear that my
husband had BOUGHT ME A STUDIO!!! That weekend he helped me set it
all up in our garage. It is such a wonderful place to work. I have
never sectioned off a part of our home to create and it is so amazing
to have a place to go when I feel like playing for a while. If you
are reading this, honey, thank you sooo much; you are amazing! : ) So
now I have the time, the space and the materials and am trying my
best to remember what I was taught in my cla sses, but I need a place
to go for help when I am stuck. I am very excited to steep in the
creativity that is flowing around this site!