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[Welcome] New Members for April 4, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Kathryn Walker
Decatur, USA

I fabricate jewelry, mainly from silver and copper. I’m particularly
interested in texture and color on metals.

Ken Weston
Weston Studio, Inc.
Hillsborough, NC. USA

Master goldsmith. 40 years experience. Fabricator of platinum and
gold wrought and engraved jewelry. Also set and finish for select

Erica Fruiht
Chapel Hill, NC. USA

I have moved off the bench and into other areas of jewelry and would
like to sell my equipment…

Tina Ann Baker
Kenmore, WA. USA

Hello! I have 30 years experiance as a repair and custom jeweler. I
have been self employed since 1995 when I was featured in REI’s
holiday catalog selling a line of pendants and earrings that looked
like little kayaks,canoes ect…I despise production work, while it
has its value for the newbie to sharpen their skills I just can’t
stay awake anymore. I still do repairs becuse I love the thrill of
seeing great grandmas ring self distruct from unknown causes,And love
the challange of putting it back at a $$$ loss. In the last 4-5 years
boredome has sent me to the street so to speak. I have cast off the
bulk of my diamond, ruy,saphire crowd in favor of dinasaur bone,
druzy found items and one of a kind shapes. Most of the peices I make
now are one of a kinds in all types of metal with some limited
edition stuff.I’ve done a few trunk shows and am looking to do more
shows. I ve got a few freinds giving me advice but this is a brave
new world for me.

Barbara Mullally
Moondance Gallery
Clayton, Ontario. Canada

I am a studio jeweler working in Clayton (population 150+), Ontario,
Canada, located about 45 miles from Otawa, the captial. Ater 20
years of part time efforts, I am now working on my jewelry full time
in order to develop a good body of work. My pieces are mainly in
silver combined with interesting stones and my carved bone elements.

I have been working in copper this past winter and am fascinated by
its versatility and potential. I bought Charles Lewton Brain’s new
book on fold forming, a technique I was introduced to a few years
ago in a summer seminar, and am using an exploration of the
technique to further my designs. I am also teaching myself to use
enamels to add colour.

James Sozzi
Castelfranco Emilia, Italy

I am an Italian artist and jewel crafter. Now I m making Art clay,
horn, ivory and mother-of-pearl’s jewels.

Bianca Caroline Gardiner
Glasgow School of Art
Glasgow, Scotland

I am a second year student of Silversmithing and Jewellery currently
studying at The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.

Joseph Carey Dowden
Provencal, LA. USA

My name is Carey Dowden, I am from Louisiana and jeweler and metal
fabricator. My hobbies include: reading, computers, and the outdoors.
That is pretty much me. Sincerely yours, Carey Dowden