[Welcome] New Members for April 30, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Scott Moir
Auburn, M. USA

Amateur jeweler, interested in fabrication. Silver, copper, brass,
metal clays.

Daniel Pierce
Norwich, UK

I am currently occupied repairing all forms of jewellery using
traditional means and PUK welding

Richard Langbert
Hobe Sound, Florida. USA

The bottom line is: I enjoy helping people design their special piece
for themselves or as a gift. My creations are hand- fabricated (not
cast) by torch soldering, forging, hammering, piercing, or chasing to
name only a few techniques. I cannot emphasize enough that each piece
is made by hand and yes, you will see that everything is not perfect
but feels good to the touch, looks unique, and has real charm.

Barb Amador
Lafayette, Colorado. USA

I’m a retired admin secretary turned metalsmith. I should have done
this all along but it’s never too late.

I began by taking classes and loved it and still take classes on
occasion but I’ve learned all the basics plus techniques to broaden
my designs.

In 2010 I started my business, Silver Cloud Designs, and was on Etsy
for awhile then Artfire and finally have my own website.

I have my own shop creating pendants, cuff bracelets, linked
bracelets, rings and earrings. I only work with sterling silver,
copper and brass or any combination and use all types of stones in
my work.

I do juried shows during the summer and fall months then start all
over again to create more and unique pieces for the next year.

Melody R S Berry
Lincoln, UK

I am a start up in jewellery design and making after becoming long
term ill, and needed re-skill to way forward that would enable me to
be self employed to work the hours that suit my health.

Along the learning journey, I’ve met some marvellous masters in
their own field and have been able to appreciate which skills are
within my reach. Now I’m at the stage of honing those skills for a
finer quality of work.

Susan Wang
Zhengzhou, Henan. China

I am the seller of micro flame welder, also named water welding
machine or hydrogen flame generator. I work in a company which
produces micro flame welder. The working principle of micro flame
welder is electrolysis of water produces mixed hydrogen and oxygen
gases, ignite the gases, then flame wit h 3000 degree centigrade
temperature occurs. So micro flame welder is widely used in fine
jewelry welding, micro welding, enameled wires welding, copper tubes
welding, quartz glass bottles or ampules sealing, acrylic or
plexiglass sheets or signs polishng and so on.