[Welcome] New Members for April 28, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Jan Lind
Oakdale, MN. USA

Hi everyone, Happy Spring…finally! I am unemployed not quite senior
member of the community. I love different crafts and gardening.
Travel would be #1 if I had the money :)I thought I would try my
hand at making sea glass or glass tumbling. I must be doing
something wrong. I’ve had my glass in the tumbler for 2 weeks and it
doesn’t look any different. I am using coarse sand and water as a
mixture in my tumbler. I guess i need to know how much of each do i
need in there? Do I cover the glass with the mixture? It just looks
like a gritty chocolate shake. Looking forward to hearing your
suggestions. Thanks so much. Jan

Ronna Steele
Lafitte, LA. USA

I am mainly a hobbyist. When I have time, I play with PMC and

Brian Jaynes
Hartford, CN. USA

A happy man who likes to work with gold.

Kim Paluch
Of the Earth Artisan
Green Bay, WI. USA


I’m Kim, and I’ve been here before…before an internet access
incident (I don’t like to talk about it), before my mail was bouncing
higher than a rubber check, before today. And I’m hoping I’m still
welcome, bouncing email aside. :slight_smile: I’ve always enjoyed the
conversations and ideas thrown around, and have missed them the past
few weeks. I have also missed the answered questions, the blogs, and
the videos.

I am owner/partner with my husband in a fairly young jewelry design,
fabrication and repair business…Of the Earth Artisans. We have a
sadly neglected website and a room full of the work we’re
doing…we’re very happy and excited and will try to stop for
pictures soon. I enjoy designing and creating, and I know I’m just at
the beginning of my jewelry-creating career. That’s why I’m so
grateful for everyone (all of y’all) and for this the font of
knowledge we get to drink from so freely.

(I was hoping to avoid the introductions…y’all know me at least as
well as our neighbor’s cat and I really am more the
hide-in-my-cave-and-make-stuff type person.)

Thank you!

Jennie Lee
Azusa, CA. USA

New to silversmithing, have been an avid bead gem and stone
collector for years. Love semiprecious stones, especially cabachons.