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[Welcome] New Members for April 27, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Rebecca Robertson
Cedar Hill, Texas. USA

I am a multi media jewlery artist. I love working with beads and
metals, chain mail being something that I really enjoy making. I
also love beading with a design in mind, such as a necklace made of
seed beads to resemble a water lily and pads, with a glass frog
sitting on one of the pads.

Stacy Broas
The Creative Fringe LLC
Grand Haven, MI. USA

I own and operate a beading and jewelry supply shop in Grand Haven,
MI. I have been making jewelry most of my life using any number of
techniques. I also love to teach what I have learned!

Paul Robilotti
Robilotti Fine Jewelers
Vestal, NY. USA, 13850

Short Bio:


Jeweler Paul Robilottis lyrical study of Classical architecture has
led into a vocation which allows him to combine the visual spectrum
of an artist with the expert craftsmanship of a model maker. Since
his companys founding Paul has created small-scale interpretations
of architectural triumphs. He is influenced by the construction and
grandeur of ancient Roman and Grecian structures and inspired by the
rich details and abundant textures of the Classical period. Paul
extracts elements, an d then renders his adaptations onto his chosen
medium: 18 karat gold and platinum with precious and semi-precious
stones. Devoted to the ideals of innovative design and expert
craftsmanship, his collections explore new proportions of geometric

Over the years, Paul has gained the attention and respect of the
industry including several awards and citations including DeBeers’
Diamonds Today Solitaire Competition. He is a member of the
Contemporary Design Group, the distinguished American Jewelry Design
Council and the International Je welry Design Guild.

Jewelry designer, Paul Robilotti looks to the past to carve out his
future as he joins the eminent ranks of prominent American

Awards include:

De Beers-Diamonds Today Solitaire Competition
Ponte d Oro Design Competition
International Fine Jewelers Competition
Jewelers of America Jewel Award
Modern Jeweler Magazine /Buyers Choice award
Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America/Best of show

Kathryn Holton Stewart
Holton Stewart Designs, Silver Bonsai Gallery
Manteo, NC. USA

As a Jewelry Designers/Goldsmiths Ben and Kathryn Stewart have spent
18 years challenging her hands. Applying many techniques found in
turn-of-the-century jewelry intertwined with her use of modern
technology, they create jewelry which reflects the qualities of each
person they encounter. An innate sense of design, brings a simple
elegance to there work and a mastery of line and technique balances
nature and architecture.Specializing in the Lost Art of Hand
Engraving and Goldsmithing. Awards Bench Jeweler Passion Award
Finalist, Ladies Jewelry