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[Welcome] New Members for April 25, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Jill Suddendorf
Dallas, Texas. USA

Hi all,

I have been a designer for 25 years. I started my career as a bench
jeweler and still dabble in the bench to this day. I am more of a
pencil and paper girl right now.

I started and was sole designer for my own jewelry line within
another company’s parameters until about 3 years ago (I was there
for 17 years) but resigned to make a much needed change.

I miss having my own line and the design freedom I had - to a point
understanding what segment of the market I was selling to (Ze
Jewelry and Ze Bridal). It is a little heartbreaking seeing what
this line has become since leaving but looking forward and trying
not to look back (although it is some times hard to). I am thrilled
to enjoy coming to work again.

Miguel L Valiente
Corozal, Puerto Rico

I have been making jewelry since 1984, when I took a basic jewelry
course at he University of Puerto Rico. I am largely self taught. I
make built-up jewelry. Currently making filigree with the help of
Yehuda Tassa’s Yemenite Filigree DVD. (Advanced Yemenite Filigree,
working with flowers). In the past I have copied designs from the
Augustus F. Rose books and found them very instructive. I also make
make my own designs. I have an interest in ancient techniques like
granulation in which I have made some succesful experimenting. I
have also dabbled in blacksmithing and knifemaking, ennameling,
forges jewelry. Love Tibetan, Indian, african, Tuareg, jewelry. I
also know abut gardening permaculture, beekeeping. Studied at the
Humanities faculty the University of Puerto Rico where I minored in
music. I play flute and piano.

Gretchen Eames
Medfield, Massachusetts. USA

Hobbyist, formerly in chain maille (a decade ago!) but now returning
to jewelry-making and dabbling in forging.

Melanie Mocini Mocini
Saginaw, Michigan. USA

My name is Melanie Mocini; I own and run Princess Mel, Inc. I
started this business because I love retail. I worked in the
industry for 10 years before I joined the Army at the age of 30. I
served five years and went to Afghanistan one time. After my term
was over, I could no longer do the things I used to, so I pursued my
Bachelores degree in Psychology. I decided I am not as passionate
about Psychology as I am about retail and customer service; so, here
I am. I am here to help get the products you need and save a little
money along the way.

Princess Mel, Inc focuses on fashion, sterling silver, and fine
jewelry. We also offer Princess Mel, Inc Watches. If you cannot find
what you are looking for, go to the contact page and send Princess
Mel, Inc. some about the product(s) you are looking for,
and I will get back to you with options and prices (Images are