[Welcome] New Members for April 25, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Cat Ashleigh Mead
Somerville, USA


I’ve been making things for my entire life, but I started making
wire jewelry a little over a year ago, because I wanted to
experiment with some ideas I had for earcuffs, and I wanted to
figure out how to turn pretty stone beads into something I could
wear. In other words, I had a bead habit to jus tify.

I’ve gotten a lot more into it as a hobby and an art, and would like
to be able to supplement my boring desk job income by selling some
of what I make. I need the space. And also so I can buy more beads.

My most relevant to-the-topic professional background is that I have
a masters degree in architecture, and when the economy gets better,
I hope to find employment in that field.

Maggie Roschyk
Delafield, Wisconsin. USA

Jewelry, the art of adorning the human form.

Larry Alan Waide
Lori Bonn Design Inc.
Oakland, California. USA

I am the Production Director for a silver and semi-precious stone
jewelry manufacturer. We produce hand-crafted production quantities
in Bali, Indonesia and sell to jewelry and department stores.

Catherine Schratt
Cate Jewelry
Cresco, PA. USA


I am a relative “beginner” to jewelry-making, as I started in 2003
after retiring from administrative work. It is a great part-time
vocation for me as I learn new skills and meet wonderful people
through this venture. I am currently fabricating in silver and in
gold-fill (which I find easier that silver) and hope to move on to
gold as finances permit. I also do bead stringing and some wire
work, although using the traditional wire-wrapping techniques.

Michael Merz
San salvador, El Salvador

German educated goldsmith and designer.
Owner of manufacturing plant in Central America.
Owner of jewelry retail stores in Central America.
Experts in casting, Cadcam design, tube casting and lathing.