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[Welcome] New Members for April 23, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Judy E Bennett
Guilty Pleasure Gems
Friendswood, Texas. USA

I love stones. When I couldn’t get settings for my large and oddly
shaped stones, I taught myself to wire wrap. Then, I became smitten
with the world of metal smithing. Then, wouldn’t you know it, I
discovered precious metal clay and glass fusing. I do it all. THEN,
(this is my last “then,” I promise) I discovered how much joy there
is in teaching and turning on that light in another traveler. When
the student is ready, the teacher appears. Teachers are still,
fortunately, appearing in my life daily. I share my knowledge and I
share my toys (equipment and studio) joyfully with other open minded
travelers on similar journeys.

Courtney Nielsen

I am a graphic designer and metalsmith. I have a BA in advertising
and design and while in college I took quite a few metalsmith
classes. That is where I found my love of making jewelry!

Jane A Gordon
New York, NY. USA

What sets my jewelry apart is that each is filled with symbolism
based on the concept that happiness is a choice - sculptural
metaphors of joy in 18k, silver and diamonds.

Tamara L Lawson
Roanoke, Virginia. USA

Hello, I started making jewelry on my own a couple of years ago. I
have basicly learned on my own. I would like to learn a lot more
than I know so I can make all different kinds of jewelry and to make
quality jewelry that I can sale as I am on disability and don’t get
a lot of money to live on as it is. I would like to go back to
school to learn about jewelry making in Virginia but don’t know of
any close to my home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Randell James Casey
Hanniver Pty Ltd
Hamlyn Heights, Vic. Australia

Costume Jewellery