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[Welcome] New Members for April 22, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Milton Lorena
Lorena, San Paulo

As a graduate in human sciences, I’ve worked in the metallurgy
industry and studied in-depth the process for the manufacture of
metals and later worked with casting and electroplating in the
jewellery industry. Attending at the jewellery designer Renato
Camargos atelier I’ve learned many techniques in the creation of
handcrafted jewellery. I also use to work with computering graphics
in the jewellery design process, which led me to won the main award
in the Gold and Diamonds category for the 2006 Design de". Still I also dedicate time to the restoration of
artistic metal pieces and sacred objects. Jewellery photos and 3d
images on the site

Leonard Turner
Cellar Door Custom Jewelry
Greenwood, S.C. USA

I am Fairly new to the jewelry making business.

Scott Cairns
Yellowknife, Canada

Hobbiest Jeweler in Yellowknife Canada

Dara Cheek
Brighton, MA. USA

Hi, I am a glass/metals artist in the Boston area, I graduated from
the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University, with a
specialty in jewelry-making/sculpture.

Dustin L Browne
Surrey, Canada

I am a young apprentice learning the tools of the trade, to
hopefully becoming a master goldsmith one day.

Ted Hendrickson
Chapel HIll, NC. USA


Custom retail jewelers, In business 20+ yrs. We started out doing
shows, sold on the road, and finally, for the last 20 odd yrs, a
retail store.Our work is primarily fabricated, not cast…but are
looking into CAD/CAM as the way to go for the future.

Kim Suzanne Wheeler
Kim’s custom jewelry & repair
Griffin, GA. USA

I am Kim and I live in GA. I have been making and repairing jewelry
13yrs. I have a small shop in Griffin where I work. Originally I
wanted to learn to carve, but I got side tracked by repairs and
never pursued it. I learned under one teacher and What he did not
teach me, I have learned myself.

Eric W Henneman
Henneman jewelry studios
Clearwater, FL. USA

I am a jewelry designer for 30 years. I have been working in cad for
8 years and prefer clicking in the computer to the bench

M. Carol Rohmann
Charlottesville, USA

I am a bench jeweler with 15 years of experience working for
designers. I have recently created my own line and wish to further
my knowledge of the business side of the jewelry world while
continuing my journey of mastering new techniques and fine tuning
existing skills.

Rod Jansen
Dunedin, New Zealand

Have been artist all my life and am a trained archaeologist, Have
just got into sculpture and stone carving