[Welcome] New Members for April 21, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Ashley Duncan
Louisville, KY. USA

i am a rock loving wire artist. i have enjoyed learning & making
since 1986!

Emily Threlfall
Basingstoke, Hants. UK


I am a full time credit controller and part-time jewellery maker
living in England. I would love to make jewellery full time and one
day hope to make this a reality. I have a lot to learn in jewellery
making and hoping to learn a lot here and share my experiences too.

Mitzy Esteva-Grillet
San Diego, CA. USA

I am an student of silver-smithing and metal-smithing, just
starting, but with hope of embracing this fabulous craft and with an
tremendous hunger for knowledge on this area. I am also learning
about gems starting studies at GIA. I was recommended this site and
I had been reading some of the fantastic material… I am more
fascinated every day! For some time I had been beading with
semi-precious stones, precious metal beads and findings, in addition
to making cabochons, but the experience with manipulating metals is
superior to everything I had done before.

Richard Hopkins
Utungun, NSW. Australia

Hi I am a silversmith/goldsmith who lives on the mid north coast of
NSW. I have just changed ISP and am re logging in.