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[Welcome] New Members for April 17, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Lu-C R Leisemann
Talisman Treasures
Watertown, Wisconsin. USA

Hello - I make jewelry and sell jewelry, but I crave knowledge. I am
finding many beautiful cut stones, beads and cabochons that I can
incorporate into my jewelry, but the data on what they are and where
they come from is often not available. I am hoping to gain that
knowledge here.

Thank you! Lu-C

Lauri Zaker
Zaker Dental Laboratory
SantaRosa, CA. USA

I am interested in making jewelry. I have taken a few classes.

Richard Wiegel
Madison, WI. USA

i’m a goldsmith that just graduated from the Howard academy for the
metal arts and am looking for work… if you know anything just
shoot me an email. i enjoy engraving and mokume gane on top of
fabrication and am trying to stay eating by doing art shows, though
i have yet to break even at the ones ive been at RW

Lisa Reilly
Newport, RI. USA

I am a beginner metalsmith who is looking to expand my knowledge
base. I am excited to find this site and look forward to not only
learning, but connecting with like-minded, creative individuals in
the field of jewelry making.

Jim Padden
Traverse City, MI. USA

Just started taking a class and want to learn more about jewelery
making especially working with silver.

Sandra J Gilbert
Snohomish, WA. USA

Retired software designer/engineer. Have been studying metalsmithing
and enameling for about 10 years; mostly self-taught. Also tinker
with chasing & repousse, metal clay - anything that strikes my
fancy. Am drawn to eclectic, organic shapes. Love to allow the metal
to become what it wants to be rather than forcing it into a
pre-conceived or rigid form. Was a member previously - changed email
and got out of sync.

Nancy Hubert
Peligro metal studio
Twisp, Washington. USA

I have been a jeweler for 26 years. Creating work that I sold
Nationally in galleries including the Smithsonian and Philadelphia
Museum of art. I know have a lovely Gallery in a rural town. I build
wedding rings and do custom and repair work.